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Done For You Services Review | Wesley Virgin & Ariella Iorie

Hi, Guys.

Welcome to my Done For You System Review.

Hope you’re doing well. If you’re reading this review right now, you might be doing some research on this Done-For-You Services System by Wesley Virgin and Irelia Iorio.

Ok, basically Irelia is one of Wesley Virgins protégées and Wesley Virign is a very successful marketer. He calls himself the Wesley Billion Dollar Virgin right. And he’s done very well.

Let me review the program.

I'll tell you what it's about?

It’s a recorded webinar. Which is pretty normal these days right. You find the right time you get on and they will train you a little bit about what it is about and then they will pitch you on the actual opportunity. Where if they call it a Done-For-You Services System.

Now what is it actually about? What are the module is gonna be looking like. And How does this really work?

So first of all understand that it’s an eight hundred and fifty dollar program roughly right. So you pay 850 bucks. You get all of their Facebook templates. You get the look-alike audiences. And they basically teach you how to set up affiliate marketing through Facebook. Specifically, alright which is good and bad and let me explain. Why so you can make a lot of money on Facebook.

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And in this done for you system they do help you to earn money online. Because they have a lot of templates they give you a lot of what they what’s called look-alike audiences. So that you can find the exact people in your specific market niche, they give you different templates. They give you pictures they give you videos so they do a lot of the heavy lifting which is great by the way.

That helps you out but you still have to do the work okay. It’s not one of those things where you know the name is a bit misleading because they say that it’s done for you. But it’s not really done for you okay. They give you templates to help you out. But you still have to go out there learn it and spend money on the ads.

Now if you’re somebody that first of all doesn’t have eight hundred fifty dollars to spend on a program this might not be the right program for you. Because that’s how much it costs. So it’s a slightly more expensive program which is fine. It just depends on who you. But you also must have income to spend on ads right. So if you want to be successful on Facebook you need at least minimum three to five hundred dollars a month.

Otherwise you’re not gonna get any results from Facebook. Because the thing is that even if you have only fifty dollars to spend. Which you can by the way spent on Facebook. It’s not enough money for you to test out the lead. See the way that Facebook marketing works is you must have revenue to spend on ads, to see what works and what doesn’t.

Now yes these guys are gonna do it a lot of the heavy lifting for you. So you get results quicker but you still have to understand that paid advertising. It doesn’t work instantly you still have to test things out right. So you need that budget. You need that buffer in order for you to get those results.

This is a good program. It’ll teach you how to do that it’ll give you the right templates. It’ll give you the right look-alike audiences. And it’ll just help you get better and quicker results on Facebook. Specifically and they’ll also recommend a couple of offers that you can actually promote.

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So that you don’t waste time and money which is true. So in that sense this program is good. It gives you the templates it gives you the look like audiences it teaches you Facebook. And it shows you the right programs to promote.

Done-for-you services system is a great program. They’ll teach you how to build your business on Facebook. They’ll recommend great products these guys are great.

Okay so you can check it out if you like this is a webinar. You can sign up for the webinar right now from the link given below and then you’ll go through the presentation. And then you can purchase the product at the end.

Done for you services system again look it’s not a bad program. Ok I’m not saying that I’m just saying that you need to come in with eyes wide open. Because there’s a bigger picture, things going on in the background. That you don’t understand right Facebook is not a safe platform to build your entire business on. Now if you have multiple streams of income, multiple streams of traffic then it’s great.


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you want to take the risk then that’s fine if you’re willing to spend if you’ve got the budget for it then that’s fine. But if that’s not you then this might not be the right program for you. Ok you need to we have to weigh up all those options before you decide to jump on. And you just need to know what it’s about.

I hope you enjoyed this review my name is Raza. All the best to you and your business take care and all the best.

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