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Bye 9 To 5 Course Review | Scam or Legit? | Youtube

Hello, guys Welcome to my Bye 9 to 5 program review.

You probably will actually learn a lot just by reading this review. All right so I just wanted to create this article to basically just reviewing the Bye 9 to 4 Tube Monetization and Automation Program Course.

Because I just want to share my personal experience with the course. And basically how it helped me a lot and also like what is inside of the course. I’ve just wanted to share my results and everything because it’s just honestly one of the best courses I’ve ever had. I’ve spent a lot of money on courses and this is I mean genuinely it is one of the best courses out there right now.

Especially for Youtube the amount of information shared in this course is just insane. And even the different monetization techniques and also how to get monetized is amazing. I got some pretty good results almost immediately from getting into this course. And I’ll also even show you kind of like what niche I went into and how I monetize.

Because I didn’t even personally I didn’t monetize with the Youtube ad since I did a different route. I did something called CPA marketing or Cost Per Action. And basically, I promoted like an app and got paid per install. So I got paid like around a dollar I like 80 cents to a dollar per install and kind of flip-flopped between.

Like the apps that I was promoting and basically what I did to make this work for me because there are just so many different things that you can do. But basically what I did after watching this course is I mean obviously I did a lot of research but around when tick-tock was getting banned I created a tick-tock channel.

This course actually does work. But anyways this course pretty much.

Just shows you how to take a channel from nothing to everything and honestly a pretty short amount of time. I took my channel from nothing to everything in less than a month. It took me like 15 days to take off.

And it just goes through obviously choosing your niche, Youtube basics passing monetization review, instant monetization video topic research, creating and editing your videos, SEO secrets for truly going viral, Advanced monetization techniques, niche case studies, outsourcing automation affiliate marketing on youtube program, introduction affiliate marketing networks, affiliate marketing strategies, affiliate marketing with your channel, and high ticket offers everything basically but everything you need to know is in this course and, to be honest for the price it’s actually insane.

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I made my money back pretty fast not gonna lie. With the CPA offers and I wasn’t even monetized with Google Adsense. I just monetized in a different way and that’s something that you can do.

If you’re in a niche where you’re making compilation videos and you can’t monetize through AdSense, you can monetize in so many different ways. But now that I’ve kind of like been doing this for a while. Now I’ve definitely transitioned more into just monetizing with AdSense and partnering that with any other technique.

But yeah I mean this course is just amazing I would definitely purchase it. If you’re like on the edge but I can’t really think of anything else to say. Oh yeah, If you don’t put in the work though this won’t work at all for you. As for me personally, I’ve been working at getting Youtube like getting good at Youtube for a while.


This means you can use this product to test for sixty days. If you don’t see any results from this product. Then you will apply for a refund. You will receive 100% of your money back with a 100% guarantee.

Before I got into this course I practiced I mean I spent a lot of time video editing and getting good at that and as well as being good at Photoshop. But I mean you can use Canva or whatever you want for thumbnails or anything like that.

But developing good video editing skills and being good at photoshop is almost essential. Especially if you’re a beginner because I mean if you’re on a budget like I was because I’m pretty young I don’t have a whole lot of money.

So I got Sony Vegas and Photoshop and just ground and got good at those. Just because in the long term that saves more money than just paying someone every single time for a video. And if you’re lazy you’re not going to find success at all. Doing this just me being 100% honest with you. So that’s one thing that a lot of people will definitely struggle with because people enter into these courses thinking that they’re going to become a millionaire overnight.

That’s just not the case you have to put in a whole lot of work and it is definitely worth it. It’s definitely something that if you are willing to put into the work and the time, you will definitely see success. Because I mean all the tactics are there it’s just you have to put in the work to actually develop your skills and your knowledge.

And you have to continue grinding at it and eventually, you will find success it’s not all about the tactics a lot of it’s about actually being good at it. And actually, you know knowing what you’re doing but yeah this course works I mean I don’t even know what else to say really other than that it just works.

But you have to actually you know that you need to put in work and you actually have to take action. It’s like all the other courses out there have to actually put in the work and actually have to take action. But yeah I think I’m going to end it here I don’t want to make this super long I just want to be honest and kind of say my opinions on the course.

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